As part of out corporate social responsibility, Lucky Star Weaving has joined the government’s campaign to combat global warming by working as a green factory. Our factory produces no water, air, not noise pollution. The factory grounds are protected by 24-hour security, and all company areas are under 24-hour camera surveillance.
Believing that being a good corporate neighbor is paramount to being a good corporate citizen, Lucky Star Weaving contributes to a variety of charitable actions from world-wide disaster relief and annual events such as our national children’s day event where children are invited to our grounds to learn about our industry as well as to socialize and have fun.
Lucky Star Weaving  donated items. Help support the sandbag to prevent flooding. In the municipality of Om Yai By participating in supporting 10,000 sacks
Lucky  Star  Weaving  Factory  Co.,  Ltd.,  led  by  the  management  and  the  FIREMAN  LUCKY  team,conducts  the  school   5 th  year  volunteer  development  project  at  Ban  Khok  Hua  Chang  School,Muang District, Buriram Province, with school development activities for education and community development. That will benefit the society