Starlinger Delivers 200th AD*STAR Balve Bottomer

Mid of April 2015 the 200th ad*starKON valve bottomer worldwide has been successfully commissioned at the production facilities of Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd. in Sam Phran
district, Nakhon Pathom Province in Thailand.

After the successful launch of the ad*starKON SX and SX + models Starlinger’s conversion line series for AD*STAR woven polypropylen block bottom sack production is experiencing an additional sales boost. More than 6.15 billion AD*STAR sacks per year are currently produced on Starlinger’s block bottom conversion lines installed on five continents. Sack producers benefit especially from the high operating speed and machine efficiency: the production output is higher than ever, and machine downtime is reduced significantly. The continuous sack bottom forming process and the automatic valve and cover patch roll change during production allow high operating speeds, while the integrated fabric width monitoring system compensates fabric width variations and ensures correct sack geometry. The ad*starKON SX +  conversion line installed at the Lucky Star facilities is also equipped with the optional new-generation qualiSTAR II quality assurance system. Any sacks that do not correspond to the defined parameters
are automatically removed, thus ensuring consistent high product quality.

A sack for every purpose
The durable and highly protective AD*STAR block bottom valve sacks made of coated polypropylene tape fabric are used for packaging dry bulk materials such as cement and
other construction materials, fertilizer, chemicals, plastic resins, sugar, cereals, rice, salt, pet food, or kitty litter. Due to their strength, AD*STAR sacks significantly reduce breakage rates during transport and storage and consequently avoid environmental contamination as well as additional CO 2 emissions and production costs for replacement of the damaged product.

2-ply AD*STAR sacks with an inner layer of paper or plastic film do not only prevent moisture intrusion, but also help with dust control. Lucky Star is one of the few producers of this type of sack which is perfect for packaging cement or other moisture sensitive goods in extremely humid, tropical climates. Other advantages of AD*STAR sacks are their suitability for automatic filling and handling, good stackability, excellent design and printing options, and resistance to counterfeiting and pilferage.

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